Saturday, December 22, 2007

A stray thought...

A thought crept into my mind...
As I saw my dreams laughing heartlessly at me
Smeared in the blood of rejection...
They gave another short laugh before taunting:
"Thats the fate of foolish dreamers -
who hope for the impossible"

I looked at my ten fingers
Stretched before me... begging in infinite space
Of the empty asylum cell
Just as I did when u were around...

Insanity couldn't kill the pain...
I looked for a way to liberty...
a little relief for me and you
I slept with shame and hope
for death

May be a new chapter would begin
for both you and me...
So now i dream a possible dream
Wish death will be a little kind to me

Finally I will heed to you
I will rest - eternally.


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