Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My boat rocked...

My boat arocked and tilted but moved.
The horizon still at a far distance.
One backward glance and I see
Just covered abot tenth of my journey.

At twenty, I have lived in shallow waters.
The boat has many guides- many, but me.
Deep waters tempt and tanatalize.
Now I am on the threshold of a new beginning.
A few round of oars and wow!!
No further guides and no shallow waters!

My first independent step.
First in the journey so far.
Till now there were guide moves-
was being swayed and swept by currents without my consent.
Now I am ready to explore, to expand, to move ahead
to challenging depths, unventured territory
through rough weather.
Mystery beckons. The journey takes a twist.
The guides have all vanished only their words loom large.

Words of discouragement, warnings and caution bells.
But one stands out-
"You sit as many risks as you run.
Just splash, throw caution to the air".

I have lived by this word so far.
The journey covered is small.
But I am ready to take the leap.
The journey is still a question...
...I will answer through experience.

My journey continues,
the boat sails ahead,
now with a vision ahead of it.


Blogger purple hibiscus said...

dear nisha ma'm,

hi this is neha raghunath fr tybmm-journ, sies. u write so well ma'm luvly poem.

ma'm if u cud plz visit my blog www.ornsgnstreet11.blog.co.uk

its nthgn like yurs. but still a small effort.

10:05 PM  
Blogger nishwish said...

thanx neha. thats so sweet. i would love to visit ur blog. will post my comments too.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Padma said...

hi...nice poem...true in every sense..

11:54 AM  
Blogger nishwish said...

dear neha,
plz send me the exact link. i could not get ur page.

12:49 PM  

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