Sunday, March 12, 2006

Core Complete

Traversed the world of given.
The world of self…
The world of me, me and me.
The circle was complete
Each dear one a part of it.

Still I only went half the world around.
Half the hemisphere was missing.
Discovered self…through profession,
Through relations, through rivals,
Through mundane things.

The world’s different now.
Beyond me and myself.
The hemisphere’s are together…
In an unexplainable yet unbreakable
No more revolutions or looking without…
But looking within.

Not the periphery, not the circle…
The centre is still… the union is divine.
The core is complete.


Blogger Padma said...

kya baat hai...i guess we get to know the other side only by intropection, experience...guess wohi hai zindagi...

9:42 PM  

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