Monday, May 29, 2006

Spectral Performance

Residing in a second world
Never an easy job
Gave up the world I belonged to
For second grade treatment in a second world
Mere specter walking beside you…
Noticeable to none… kept away from
Full-blood(y)ed people who matter

Being there yet not being there
Dreaming of a world
Existing only in empty space in my skull…

Claims by idealists of love without expectations
Don’t ring true when u live in a world of uncertainty
Knowing very well that two worlds will be two
It’s a helpless love… rendered helpless because
It believes in an impossible dream… an unattainable target
It expects still…

The spectral bond is felt
But no touchable tangible proof of love
No claims…
Living in a present which ends in hanged future

A specter haunted by its own image
Wanting in form… de-garbing its invisibility to the world
Desiring to be seen with you… as yours
Before life mockingly passes through

Wishing that the spectral performance ends
In a form… in a bond… a union
Where I transcend from being formless
To being safely defined in the knots of togetherness…
Visible to the world


Blogger Speed Demon said...

hello, nisha maam. i have been reading some of your poems and I don't know whether i get them but ig i'm not wrong all of them seem to imply some kind of loss and more specifically a love lost. from this poem I felt that there is someone you want to but can't be with because of certain limitations. Cheer up! Life deals all of us a bad hand somtime. for some others its most of the time, But all I'll say is those who go through great pain and trials and endure them are those who help God shoulder his massive burden.

5:42 PM  
Blogger nishwish said...

thanx for ur comforting words.. heading towards speedy recovery... guess the pain endured is actually being crystallised into poems...
keep commenting and visiting..
its nice when someone feels the poem

8:50 PM  
Blogger nishwish said...

ok abhi its u...
u know greatest poems are all based on love lost!!!
not hinting at my greatness..hahaha

8:52 PM  

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