Tuesday, May 02, 2006

for keep's sake...

For keep’s sake

Adorning premises of his life
Was the duty given
The role clearly was a thankless one
Had been warned beforehand
No returns were to be expected…
The flower plucked looks beautiful
But actually is preparing for its
Eventual death… wither into anonymity.
Just a moment’s glory

She was a keep sake
There to please and satisfy him
Long since she had left behind her origin
Who she was and what was her future
Life seemed to have merged
In an imaginary way with his…
But it was not a balanced equation
She was just there for keep’s sake

She gave away sap
Just wanted the returns
Unknowingly he planted the seeds
Of her future…

Now she couldn’t be a mere keep
She left with her cursed treasure in liquid form..
She defied her role
Grew beyond it…
She wrote her own role
And assayed it with flair
No more there for keep’s sake…


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