Sunday, January 27, 2008


With sharp tingling speed
overhauling deep-held beliefs -
of a day after night
a better life....

Leaving barren tracks
in the half-dead hollow inners
The final lap
giving a weird sense of relief
of some finality finally
away from the ragged existence
of surviving on
miserly alms of love

The final countdown
smilingly a brushing up
a recap of the sad path

A click - the last tick
spasmodic rush
a twitching of the lip
may be the last prayer
begging for a miracle
the last breathe of hope
sighed away
A swish and a slash
a smooth flow out...
a release -
an everlasting embrace of nothingness

A certainty finally
arrived at!


Blogger Nirvanicyogi said...

At times i wonder what is that drives the poetic muse to penn these the world missing just never culminates to me ...all i understand that somewhere out there.. there is a culmination of vengenance and a passion to write..a culmination of yesterdays grief with todays powerful poetronics...
A culmination of yesterdays helplessness into the signs of ray of hope witnessed now....

yeah....the end has just culminated into a revival...well way to go....i guess the revival is here with a bunch of goodies...and more to be offered..

hey keep this on....truly interesting ....

Chow for now.....

1:20 AM  
Blogger dusky hues said...

u know before i 'met' u... i thought i was a mad optimist... blindly in love with my beliefs and blindly believing that my dreams with turn to reality...

but u have beaten me to the winning position.. how u manage that?

i read this poem thrice to see the ray of hope... that u meantioned... u know for me... the wish girl here is contemplating suicide... to end her misery and thats the culmination point... the nothingness that she craves now...

u make me smile... i love optimism in people... u nudge me to believe ur words...

keep visiting and commenting because with you i am always on path of discovery...

and please revive IP..

4:32 PM  

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