Monday, January 07, 2008


A bump and a stumble
But hardly any time to grumble
A pothole or a pit
a pebble or a ditch...
Can't stop the rhythmic stance
A step on the right
a step back left...
a perfect morning dance

Talking to my voice
Looking into my eyes
Listening to the hyper beats
I smile, then I run
and I swing back my hands...
Again my heart takes that joyous leap

I amble, I walk
I pacen upto trot
and then I begin to sail
Talking to the tree tops,
fighting the skyful of kites
and reaching yonder...
yonder to the clouds and back

A warm and sweet halo
and a snuggling of arms...
and the day humming beautiful tunes
All cosy me up in a soft envelope
Putting me to rest when I am awake....


Blogger Nirvanicyogi said...

awesome the mornings are back...the morning dance is at play again..dancing to the tunes of a sound unkown...yet known..resonating to the beats which never stop....the sounds of life..

The snuggled moments are back crawling its way through into a beautiful life ..finding a small litle space to stay ...and puts a sign board saying"iam here to stay"...the snuggled moments are here to stay...

glory days are back again...make way for the new emotion....A sprighted existence



10:52 AM  
Blogger dusky hues said...

i found it... thank u
ya... the snuggly cosy feel is here to stay :-)
sorry for that stupid moderation..

keep visiting

9:21 AM  

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