Friday, March 14, 2008

Day break

The opening rays of the morning star
Streaked in steady promising shafts
ripping through even the slightest
get-away in trees and cracked roofs -
every visible inch of space...

An anticipatory joy set in.
The first quarter had begun
well in quite okayish way
And now the silent bold support of the sun...
first an all-pervasive crimson
then a deep orange... shrinking
finally to a focussed rich golden yellow

The omen was just right -
could sense a warmth
of a dazzling future rippling now and again
in the back of the retina...

But a pregnant grey monster
invaded the picturesque setting
Delivered a troupe of imps in hundreds
The little devils addded and grew in might

Inch by inch blocking my happy sky.
Till sun was just an exploded almost-dying light
visible in bits and pieces -
a vanquished warrior in the midst
of an obstinately victorious army.

Lost again the few stray
reasons to live...
scrambling on all fours I prayed for
another day or a forever night.


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