Friday, June 23, 2006


Solo game.
Ball is forever in my court!
Tossing ideas that are never
actually bounced around or even set free..
Tiny ten ounce brains
Troubled with trillion thoughts
My trivial truths (am I sure?)
Labelled and tossed into the recycle bin
Obviously fused out ideas.

Wonder why we call
lemon squash lemon squash?
Gotcha... why recycle bin?
F4... cycle continues

Future Forward

Unbroken lines narrating tales of
broken dreams...
Through the blurry screen
Across the 4 feet distance
of the moving machine
Amongst a sea of normal faces
I stare at a pair of
vacant experienced eyes
In their insanity I see
from point blank range
My final sojourn away from maddening normalcy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pained Poesy

Tear conceived, not wet tear…
Fear of water erasing the fabric paint
I don…
Crystallized much before it
Reflects in its prism
The many shaded rainbow of pain.

Crystallized but not fully gone
Only moved from without to within
Condensed choking chasm

Recycled thoughts of pain
Finding release in pained poesy…

No Kite Runner

Heart has a mind of its own
Located at the tail end…
Just follows mindlessly and
Accompanies it in its tryst with dare-devilry
Works only when enough
Irreversible irreparable damage is done…

Winged, it leaps upward
Elated by embracing the wind…
A moment of stormy rendezvous
The moment!
Heights reached and conquered…

…Leave a desire for more
More such heights…
Zipping through mazes
Competition stifling the flight
Cut-throat …
Strings snapped. Flights cut short.

Unfortunately no kite runner…