Friday, February 23, 2007

Do I care about “happily-ever-after” ?

The book of life
Took a long time to complete
24 years of life covered in descriptive 300 pages
Haphazard associations, quirky connections
Meaningful maze!!

You walked in just before the end
A perfect U-turn…. A perfect twist
Blurred the old, drab now redundant meaning
… added a new perspective

At the end, it’s a new beginning
A happy tour-de-

Your presence in the present a present
And now, do I care for the “happily-ever-after

Passing Days and Failing Me

Life is forlorn
From the day you are gone
To the distant world
Of practicality

Smile arrives like once-a-year guest
Only for particular occasions
Laughter- fair weather friend- left
Without the faintest trace
Happiness seems like an alien
Heard of but never really experienced
Peace looks like the ugly ruins
Of a deadly blast
Living seems like
24*7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year job

The only weather I know
Is the stillness of the dull afternoon air…

No changing hues
No dawn and dusk
No day and night…

Breathing, beating, blinking
Passing days and failing me

Some Lasting Impression!!

Epics –
No more written
In honour of legendary men/women

Homo sapiens in their attempt
To be
“the homo sapien”
Take the help of hi-flying machines
Which in their quest
To encircle the world
Leave 2 streaks of gaseous remnants
Ejecting their life forces from behind

The shelf life of this lasting impression
Is less than an hour
The gases scatter…
Impressions simply fade away
Personalities remain in some obscure text books
Forced down the throats
Of a million sleepy, bored students
By an equally bored impassioned teacher.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Love Exposed

The serene push to the eyelids
Gentle awakening by soft hands
Of the crimson-turning-golden rays
Cradling me to wakefulness…

Snug and warm, could only see
The now cozily warm sun
Soaked and sleepy, I regaled…
With time, the soft dreamy insides of my eyelid
Turned nervy red…
Sleep now a lost proposition…
Rosy wariness gave way to burning reality
The rays shone with an evil green halo

Love exposed.