Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Resigned to the feeling
Of being heavy and soaked
Could not take any more

Bad blood
That’s what I earned
At the end of it all

Discarded after enough use
Tossed away to some street bin
Surrounded by strays

Even the impurity of your love
The bad blood was not for me…
Torn to shreds by conniving canines…

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Inverted Me!

Lost in union
Tied in a band of gold
Leashed to a
Imaginary black-beaded bond

Dreams of togetherness
Dreams of beauty
Dreams of life
Dreams of us
Dwelling in bliss

My head turned upside down
Unraveled layers of cerebrum
Sputtered with blood-stained
Bright dreams

Last moments of life
Left-over left brain thought laterally
It was never WE…
But a fantasy… just
W actually inverted M
Oh! So it was just
Inverted ME…

Natural Transition

Always been a papa’s gal
Frank, confident and incisive
Pampered for all the right-wrong reasons
Mocked mamma about being docile
The pati-vrata kinds…
Bowing to will and wish of
Every one in the family…
A big compromise

No more pampered
No grass to relish comfortably
No more coyish cues heeded

A shadow shaping
As per the sun’s mood for the day
Almost invisible and lost
In the heat of many moments
Existence now stamped beneath

Never knew
Had so much of “x” factor in me-
So much of mamma in me

No not a compromise
… for me … a natural transition!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


They pull you into a
whirlpool of delusions
Never letting you rest in peace
You can never be
the old you anymore
As you keep pushing the envelope
Alittle further
Athinking mind and a restless heart
obviously a fatal twosome...

After visualising the world of impossible
Who can settle for something lesser?
Delay only makes life seem
like an inane drag...
Whipping wishes wound...
But you are never cured of delusions
Hope of achieving the impossible
adds salt and pepper to the whip lash

Dreams are dangerous


Tempted to feel
the free fall
Embrace easy death -
A reliever of ache.

Just a loosening of the
now-slackening grip
Always wanted to die alive
The fresh morning breeze
Playing music with my senses
Ears tuned to age-old memories
(The only blessing of progressive technology)
Thoughts- as usual- coming back to you
My face a superb hybrid combo of
Sorrowful eyes- rueful that I cant have you
Half-smiling lips- happy that
I found you - a passing touch

The shiny twin tracks
beckon to end the track of pain
I resist the temptation to ease
And continue living...
.. an everyday death.

Happy Curve

Wind caught in the frizz
Playing music..
Ripple effect...
Naked joy... the joy of being

Frozen moment...
one moment of joy
Does eternity remain captured
in one snapshot?
Or is it a sore reminder
Of the past joy and
a future that never will...


Gazing on..
Every obstacle seemed to
lead to a bluer sky
The sky of our imagination...

Blues never seemed so perfect!

Facing further
Back-facing the past...
A smile so full of joy
in our parted togetherness