Monday, March 27, 2006

Passing days and Failing me

Life is forlorn
From the day you are gone
To distant worlds

Smile arrives, like once-a-year guest,
Only for some particular occasion.
Laughter, fair-weather friend, left
Without the faintest trace
Happiness now an alien…
Heard about but never really experienced.
Peace lies like ugly ruins
Of a deadly blast.
Living now is...
24*7, 365 days a year job.

The only weather I know
Is the never-ending all-pervading stillness
Of the afternoon air…
No changing hues, no dawn and dusk
No days and night
No seasons, no reasons…

Beating, breathing, blinking…
Passing days and failing me.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Dead for the past one year

Lived life for no reason
But lived anyway…
Had lost twin desires of my womb
Now am nurturing the pain of loss.
Time heals…
Ya, it does erase all visible signs
So that the world feels
There’s no more pain.
Pain has worked its way up
Now it’s a forever ache
Maybe for life…

Maybe some tiny kicks
On my breast with release the lump
Swallowed since long
Twinkling eyes, tottering toes, tantrum tales
Will bring some light
Will sound a new ring
Will bring back that impatience
Which I long for

Consoled the punctured womb
With a soul - severed umbilical chord
A bond transcending throes
Hope to join the umbilical chord
After birth…

Decided to live life from the first death anniversary.

Jailed for life

Looking through the barred door
Gazing outside the window
Was allotted just a square eyeful of sky
Painted on the limited canvas
Stray thoughts of freedom
Obviously could not fly in limited sky

Through barred door saw mere formidable
Stone walls, stone men and stoned men
Breaking concurrent circles…
Only in the heart of hearts
Mind too meek to make much out of this
Heart v/s mind match
Was a way of killing time

Inmates too busy being mechanically trained
For routine drill (rhymes with grill)
Timid to the point of …
Accepting tailor-made life
Happy for the small blessings
For living of other’s guidance

Incongruity my sin
Incorrigible to the core
Insolence could not be tolerated
I had to merge with the universal We
Failing which…

Looking through the barred door
I stripped, clothed with uniformity…
Jailed for life.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The scorching sun

You are the sun…
Giver of light and life.
Revolving around you is my being
Forever attached to you in an imaginary bond
Yet not deniable.

You tempt… playing games…
Day and night follow…
Now you give hope and now you snatch it…
To remind me that
You cant belong to me…
I am one of those many… who live because of you.
But in me, life is because of you.
Your rays my only hope…

In circles, I move… hopeful…
But sun that you are
You scorch, burn and keep me alive
To die in flames of burning hope…

Man-infested Love...

Touchwood! But its late…
The roots are loosened…
Me left lifeless… reduced to a mound.
Robbed of love.
Flower, put to better use…
Adornments, decorations and slow death.
Wilting, withering…

Would be united in death…
Petals with mound… and then one earth…
But life took its toll…
Now its death sentence for life…

Manifestation of love

A mound of earth like many others.
Nothing strikingly different…
Living, waiting for giving away self…
And the season arrived…
Sowing seeds of hope and fruition...
My hunger for company
And desire to nurture that forever-relationship
Was satisfied with a seed that fell into my lap.
Things seemed perfect.

Lost in the joy of
Creating my own world…
Gave it every ounce, every bit.
The roots spread slowly…
Tickling and touching my soul…
Spreading joy and hope for happiness.
Slowly I saw my hope grow…
Stem and shoot and leaf
And the most tender bud…

Joy knew no bound…
The colour of joy spread to
The blooming flower… my creation
Manifestation of my love.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Divine Touch

Whole self felt cleansed.
Years of collected muck and misery
Wiped in one soft touch…
Weather-beaten to feather-touched…

World still is a better place.
There’s scope for retribution…
An oasis.
And what a way to feel cleansed!
One touch. One brush of cheeks.
One hand clenching ours.
One look devoid of deception.
A kick that wakes me from
The stupor of fast-paced life…
Tottering steps that lead me on
The toughest terrains with angelic optimism…

And the whole world is worth.
Living no more a burden...

Core Complete

Traversed the world of given.
The world of self…
The world of me, me and me.
The circle was complete
Each dear one a part of it.

Still I only went half the world around.
Half the hemisphere was missing.
Discovered self…through profession,
Through relations, through rivals,
Through mundane things.

The world’s different now.
Beyond me and myself.
The hemisphere’s are together…
In an unexplainable yet unbreakable
No more revolutions or looking without…
But looking within.

Not the periphery, not the circle…
The centre is still… the union is divine.
The core is complete.

Rooted Wings-II

… desires gnaw, scratch the surface
to uncover the hidden desires..

The wings are burning with desire
Pent up for years…
Last effort… to create
Enough downward thrust for
The coveted upward leap of joy…
The culmination of desire.

The thrust only crumbled the crust.
The layer lay ugly and distorted.
The binding roots too gave way.

Uprooted, crest-fallen,
Wings took flight
To fall flat on the burial grounds…

Roots and wings and me…
…. Now mere nothingness.


This poem was written way back in 1999 when i was in 11th standard.
Its kiddish but special. hope u enjoy it.


Love to me lies in your deep eyes.
Love to me in your intense voice.
Love to me is in your affectionate pat.
Love to me is in your lively chat.
Love to me is in your smile so sweet.
Love to me is in your that mischievous peep.
Love to me is in your every action, sane and insane.
Love to me is in your concern for my gain and pain.
Love to me is in your care and nurture.
Love to me is in your untold promise of the future.
Love to me is lies in whatever you do.
Love to me is you and only you.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rooted Wings

The dawn beckons with tantalising
rays of hope.
Mirroring the explosive, fast-spreading desire
My wings look up at the sky...
fluttering wildly with imagined happiness.
The naughty wind adds to
the exciting pace of surging desire
to burst with life.. the moment of ecstasy.

The sky and me are made for each other.
Winged, i try to reach for the ultimate union...
Up and up, the wind supports..
But the roots are deeply buried
Secure roots hold me back
strangle the upsurging desires final leap
till they fizz out and lie lifeless

Flights of fancy allowed once in a while
a quick glimpse of the rosy sky
to quench the deep desires
..of rooted wings.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Taste of Sorrow

Thunder, lightning...followed by torrential rains
caused it to overflow...
Two outlets it had.
It crossed the banks in two separate streams.
Both had minds of their own...
moving in erratic patterns
over the taut barren surface.
They converged and entered..
...I savoured the salty taste of sorrow.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Why the why's

The need to decipher, accomplish
Reach the bottom of it all.
To strip it off the elegant mystery
See the naked truth.
That envelops it, beautifies.
The silhouette has its misty charm
Traceable but not fully knowable
But cent percent enjoyable, rejoicable and experiencable.
Why strip it off its being?
Peeling it off layer by layer..
Till its no more itself.
To make it one identifiable thing, name-able
It has to be possessed, pin-pointed for future reference.
Why the why's?
For the power equation...
trampling identities to make them more
digestible and user friendly
The cry of victory...