Sunday, November 26, 2006

I dress for the occasion

Hiding my red blood
Gown of love…
I ran through tough terrains
With downcast eyes
Trying to get away from known strangers
And unknown people

Now. I hid behind a rundown stairs
My gown caught in a rusted rail
Huh! Successful in escaping my mom’s friend’s daughter’s husband
By a whisker

Now. I stumbled upon a stone
In my attempt at speeding away
From my colleagues at station
A patch of dirty brown peeped
From the left knee of my gown
Huh! Escaped every familiar eye
By an inch

Now. Hungry and thirsty
I looked for a familiar friendly hand
To offer some comfort…
By now they were the then-friends
Truly formal friends

I ambled. I fell. I crawled.
I leapt at your sight.
I knocked at your door…
You did not recognise the
Tatter clad me…
My pride lost. My grandeur…
My self as you saw it

I lay there in my most naked form
Revealing my true self to you…
You could not handle it…

Now I hide from self.
Everyday in a fresh, crisply ironed suit
Full of practiced pride and perfected grandeur

I dress for the occasion.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Soundless Music

Brightness walked in a bunch
Into the as usual crowded bus no. 374…
Transporting me to a different world

Never heard words resonate
With such intensity
When spoken by hands
Eyes and noiseless lips
The din of the evening brushed
In a wave of silent music

The human spirit
Rose with adolescent feet
Tip-toeing silently to the heights
Never reached by earful and mouthful mortals

Every movement struck a chord
Stirring the insides…
As I basked in soulful soundless music