Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tough resolve

Moon-bathed skin
reflecting deep dreary desires
Lost in sensuous dreams...
Eyes hiding tears of
rejection behind the look
of lustrous casualness

The arrogant lash holding up
against the crumbling weight
of unquenched passion

A mad contradiction
hungry gleam and
the full moon bloom -
a lazy movement of completeness
Scorching the needy skin
with its assured sweet glow

Begging for that one
sensuous caress
The stubborn lash
fighting the rush of tears
that threatened to wipe
away the almost dead hopes...

Salty outbreak into the inners -
corroded little by little
leaving behind just the burning desires
shining on... with deadly resolve


With sharp tingling speed
overhauling deep-held beliefs -
of a day after night
a better life....

Leaving barren tracks
in the half-dead hollow inners
The final lap
giving a weird sense of relief
of some finality finally
away from the ragged existence
of surviving on
miserly alms of love

The final countdown
smilingly a brushing up
a recap of the sad path

A click - the last tick
spasmodic rush
a twitching of the lip
may be the last prayer
begging for a miracle
the last breathe of hope
sighed away
A swish and a slash
a smooth flow out...
a release -
an everlasting embrace of nothingness

A certainty finally
arrived at!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In quest of acceptance

Paint self
a pleasant pink
And then take on
a raging red
then orgy orange and
a pale yellow
caressing crimson to
a rich purple

But I am destined to be marooned
as I fail to catch your fancy beyond
a few glances

I play the clown
then for effect
add some occasional frowns
Monkeying around to grab
the exclusivity - that you so much hate
to offer...

Lost in the fairy tale mood
I take on the mermaid look
writhe in the seams
of my dreamy ends...
I struggle but the water
levels are rising
I lose you to the earthy grounds
and drown in my own existence...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Standing tall

Landscaped beauty
with all the propriety demanded
primness became the middle name

In the world
of many firsts and bests
stood tall for the built up
glamour and glory

Crowned and knighted
known to all
In this time-bound pleasure
being a cynosure to many a eye
The end accomplished - truly -
Then preparing to
pass the baton on
And settle to be unique and different
just like the rest of the world...

Monday, January 07, 2008


A bump and a stumble
But hardly any time to grumble
A pothole or a pit
a pebble or a ditch...
Can't stop the rhythmic stance
A step on the right
a step back left...
a perfect morning dance

Talking to my voice
Looking into my eyes
Listening to the hyper beats
I smile, then I run
and I swing back my hands...
Again my heart takes that joyous leap

I amble, I walk
I pacen upto trot
and then I begin to sail
Talking to the tree tops,
fighting the skyful of kites
and reaching yonder...
yonder to the clouds and back

A warm and sweet halo
and a snuggling of arms...
and the day humming beautiful tunes
All cosy me up in a soft envelope
Putting me to rest when I am awake....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Beauty Revisited

Following the smooth flow
of your gaze...
watery with wonder...
And I wondered..
squinting to see if
there was any skirmish...
any blotch... any uncalled for
attention-seeking scar...

You continued with your exploration
resting your eyes on a soft tendril
swaying to the beats of a hard-metal loving wind
In one more sweep...
I was conscious
Of a sweet warm glow...

You took a look
and smiled to your self
mocking at me
'how can you be unaware of your glow?'

I squinted again... a happy squint
Feeling like a queen...
in the pupils of your eye
I felt the shower of heaven
in the soft touch of your gaze...

I feel beautiful