Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sting Cleaning

In the solitude of
Four walls of a watery room..
Came face to face with deceptive desires
Mission demolish desires was called
For immediate action…

Steaming hot water and
Dexterous, vigorous handwork for
15 minutes resulted in
the uprooting of the doomed desires.

Desires with dirty lather
Ran down the drain…
Relief! Not for long
Some part of the desires
Had little life left in them…
Flew with the vapours and
Settled on the corner mirror

Wet fingers wrote the two
Now-disjointed names one last time
On the thin vapory layer…
Soon wiped away by the abstinent hands…

Bouts of Patriotism

Four lions back-to-back
Each facing a different direction
Roaring, raring to go…

saffron and green conveniently divided
by peace talks – white veiled valley
The wheel of time hardly moved an inch
Spokes speak a spiky story.

Approaching 60, a major landmark
Let “spirits” gather…
To cheer a mere 3-run victory
And then die down… or fade into a weak shadow-

A thin line between fear and helplessness…

Mid-August and late-January
Bring tears of patriotism to the eyes
Barring the losses and wins in cricket.

Free! In the true sense…
Unbound, unattached…. Unaffected