Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Inside Story

The concentration
Intensified by severe suppression
Dull-looking acid
Did not roll out of twin tear-pools
But moved from the brimming sockets
Slid down the maze of cerebral channels
Burning tracks where they touched
Then within the arterial columns…
Saline water on scalded interiors
Eating the slackened drive-less sinews
Release of extra burden of the physical
Melting three beings within me
Pale outer inner and deeper
Hollowness covered in skin thin robes

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Me and You
Could never get past
The “space” we rightly
Gave ourselves

‘We’ ignored
There lay the empty space
Stinking of oft-buried
Messy talks to be dealt with later

Shunted in our individual space
Smelling of half-decaying flesh
Half-dead soul
The stench of private sphere
Unbearable and unbreakable now
Gave us another reason to
Stay chained in our incomplete individuality

Bound by a yoke
Aiming for unattainable union
Of half-blooded rotten halves…

Friday, March 09, 2007

Island of Love

Breaking the humdrum of waves
And speeding away in the old
Not-really-exotic launch
The wait was long…
But your company was all that mattered

Fluttering heart and churning stomach
Company for my venture into newer territory
Spring-footed and light
Floating not on water
But much above…

Lost myself
On the way…
A sweet loss
Much sweeter gain
Away from any restrictive thought
An island of love