Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh k!

Oh k! I am generous to faults,
Never to dolts
And no it’s not because
I am an unmarried old hag
That for quality I nag

Oh k! I am a go-getter,
Not some revenge abettor
And no it’s not because
My relationship status is single
That challenges make me tingle

Oh k! I know how to love,
But don’t turn it into powwow
And no it’s not because
I think I am too old
That I like subtle as much as bold

Oh k! I am forthright,
Not fishing for some fight
And no it’s not because
I can’t stand your youth
That I stand by the truth

Oh k! I revisit my heyday,
Not to turn away from my grey
And no it’s not because
I desperately want it back
That my past I unpack

Oh k! Go ahead. Have young fun.

Just don’t interpret Sun on my face as an inner burn.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I do qualifier

Change your wear.
And try looking fair.

Change your shoes.
Apply more mousse.

Change your voice.
Show some poise.

Change your gait.
Just walk straight.

Change your size.
God! Hide those thighs.

Change all of you,

If you want to hear I do.