Saturday, January 28, 2006

I sleep like a baby...

I sleep like a baby…

I sleep like a baby…
With a smile on my face reflecting
Happy dreams and idyllic landscapes.
The inner world is insulated from
The cruelty of the outer world.

The smile’s because of happy oblivion.
The smile’s there because I am removed from the world.
Blanketed in the warm idealistic dreams
Of happiness and content and laughter and peace
And smiles and colours.
The smile’s there because
I don’t need reason to smile…

The joy of progressing at tottering speed is enough.
The joy of living is enough.
The joy of wondering at the beauty of this world is enough.
The joy of experiencing this world is enough.
The joy of no-strings-attached affection
and unconditional love is enough.

I still sleep like a baby…
With a smile on my face…
Tough times have brought wrinkles
But the crinkles of laughter and smiles
Are not replaced by a frown…

But for how long??

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Will not halt at...

Stopping every now and then
Is too time-consuming.
Take the easy route…
Be focused …look only at the goal.
‘Train’ed for life.

So what if the sunrise is beautiful?
And the breeze is refreshing?
So what if there’s so much to look around?
So what if halting at all stations is
an experience in itself?
So what?

Life is about achieving, growing, knowing
Showing…but not about just being.
Fast-paced and tailor-made for the fast world.
Shorter the time taken to reach…lots have you achieved(?).
Fruitful?? Complete?? Joyful?? Satisfying??

Decisions are made. Course is planned.
Will not halt at anything small…
Only at so-called junctions.


One life.

Expected return.



Letting go is never easy.
Of course distance cannot kill
relationships…but it can dampen
the spirit… and fuel the desire for togetherness.
Communication channels are many
But they cant replace your presence.
And what about
the beautiful times,
the addictive conversations,
the angry pauses, the understanding silence,
mean attempts to provoke, sweet attempts to evoke laughter.
And the smile, crinkling eyes, resonating laughter.

Life’s a spoil-sport,
throwing unbearable, inevitable situations
There’s an upside to everything…we call it experience-
that makes us strong and all that.
Letting go is still tough.

Imagine life without dear one,
ferried away to distant lands..
Of course with the promise of return.
But 24 months !!
And then there are so many “what if’s” and “maybe s”
cruelly hurled at 190km/h.
There’s so much to say, to hear, to know,
to understand, to experience, to be.

Breaking away…
Understanding life…
Living alone…
Letting go…
Is never easy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

lost magic touch...

this poem is specially for someone who matters a lot to me. i hope the message is well- received.

Lost Magic Touch.

the window opened..
what a perfect scene!
all colours harmoniously mingled
to create a beautiful picture.
soaked in its picturesque setting...
wished to behold it forever.
tried to capture it.

the scene stayed with me.
gave me limitless joy.

how come, only i can see it?
love it? appreciate it?
i thought others were blind..
and it annoyed me.
alas! i was wrong.
the window was no more open.
the winds bound it shut.
the winds of change...
winds forcing people to follow "the direction"-
the right path.

th window does open
only if pains are taken to open it.
but who has the time?
i have...i want to enjoy the beauty.
i want even others to..

trying hard to combat winds of change...
trying to break the window..
the scene needs to be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My boat rocked...

My boat arocked and tilted but moved.
The horizon still at a far distance.
One backward glance and I see
Just covered abot tenth of my journey.

At twenty, I have lived in shallow waters.
The boat has many guides- many, but me.
Deep waters tempt and tanatalize.
Now I am on the threshold of a new beginning.
A few round of oars and wow!!
No further guides and no shallow waters!

My first independent step.
First in the journey so far.
Till now there were guide moves-
was being swayed and swept by currents without my consent.
Now I am ready to explore, to expand, to move ahead
to challenging depths, unventured territory
through rough weather.
Mystery beckons. The journey takes a twist.
The guides have all vanished only their words loom large.

Words of discouragement, warnings and caution bells.
But one stands out-
"You sit as many risks as you run.
Just splash, throw caution to the air".

I have lived by this word so far.
The journey covered is small.
But I am ready to take the leap.
The journey is still a question...
...I will answer through experience.

My journey continues,
the boat sails ahead,
now with a vision ahead of it.

The Journey Simply Is...

To make things easier we classified life-
infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle age and old age.
But does life follow the same order?
Does one stage follow another?
They are all in a maze.
All these stages are in me right now.
I am the child, the rebel, the complacent soul,
the caretaker and the tired one.

Life has been a journey.
Not a linear journey.
It moves in the shape of 8.
No escape from the binding rules.
No relief from the 'so-called-stages'.
No running away from life.
No new places to go,
just adherence to the shape of 8.
Move in circles. another circle. and another..

The journey continues.
The journey simply is and was and will be.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

God is not an anaesthetist...

Pain rules… overshadowing any source of joy.
Pain stays … it’s a lifetime companion.
Pain – past, present and future.

God made this world.
The same old saying –
About him being
The creator, preserver and destroyer.
Preservation here is synonymous with perseverance.
So preservatives like pain are used-
Like a pinch of salt – makes life more meaningful.
You are knifed. Pain is inflicted.
What about anaesthesia – local or general?
Nothing numbs the pain like it does.
God is the preserver, creator and destroyer.
But he is not an anaesthetist.
And we have god-men talking about enduring pain.

Growing Up

Growing up has its ups…
Would dress up like all those pretty aunts
Look “dressed for the occasion”…
Just so perfect.
Maybe would successfully cover up
All flaws with a dash (or loads) of make-up.
Not all but some of them atleast.

Growing up has its ups…
Would be a part of all girlie stuff and
Even some elderly stuff.
Feel all important even if we
Are discussing about the ‘n’ number
Of guys in the world and their cuteness.
Not realizing cute means ‘ugly but adorable’.

Growing up has its ups…
Would earn, take care of the family
Get a chance – to boss over in the process
And to take things for granted
And to complain how tough life is…
And to smile less, carry the heavy burden of anger, grudge, jealousy
And to live life less…and to ask ‘why me?’
And to regret …to bear with a grin….

Growing up has its ups…
Won’t be satisfied with lesser joys…
Need for growth will be the driving force.

Growing up is all about growth.
Growing up is all about making a new you.
Made-up, trivial, lifeless, ambitious and progressing…