Monday, September 18, 2006


Less painful than death?
Lot more like lifelessness

Clutching air in hungry fists
Gulping in desperation at
Dried drops
A defeated battle fought
For the reward –

Holding on to the watery reflection
Of moon… soon to be
Disturbed by the ripples
Heart’s faint pounding
In search of the beat
Employment agency could have found
Enough vacancy
grasped at once…
Well! Emptiness filled every corner
Brimming over…

Absence filled my presence
A formlessness galloped
And controlled reins

Fighting a faceless foe
Groping.. grappling… gawking…
Emptiness, the eternal enemy.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Absence of nectar

Nectar is to be shared
Flowering desires and
Accompanied juices gather
Brimming bowl sipped
By buzzing bee

Wish! The sipping lasted longer
Longer and more longer

Fading and withering
One day of survival too
Is really long

Absence of nectar
Bitterness of longing
Lasts long….


Rains lashing in slants
On the sagging 3-wheeler roof…
Tiny tear drops
Dropping in deliberate drool
Disciplined drill-like

I gather a drop
On the ring finger…
The cool of a single drop
Touched in the deepest way…
Washed away my adult immunity

By a touch…

A decision

Undecided destination
No big dream
What is a horizon?
A virtual meeting…
All the same … beautiful

Does the sky want to meet
the sea?
They look beautiful
In parted togetherness
They are a combination
Belonging to blurred surreal realm

Now I am the sea
And he the sky…
Ignited by few moments
at dawn and desk…
Must meet to depart…
Meet again.

Life is limited
even to the limitless sky
and the far-reaching sea…

To live separately united
A decision.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

life of a breath

To the count of 4
Taken in
The life of a breath
Is short and quick

One short journey
One touch
One warm body

Forgotten by the body
once exhaled...
Entered as life-giver
Gave life and lost itself

Lost forever
To the world
Changed for life
In a jiffy…
Taken in and breathed out

To mingle with other
Free-floating but lonely
Suspended air molecules